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AirView a Sussex based filming and photography company specialising in using drones for aerial filming

Airview provides a professional videography service to businesses and individuals. 

Here at AirView we offer our clients both air and ground filming services. Having the ability to easily capture images from both the air and the ground, means we have full control over delivering stunning products to our clients meeting and exceeding their expectations. While we offer fully edited packages we also freelance for other production houses and videographers to ensure they safe safe and legal.

Video has been shown to produce more engagement with your audience, which makes it an ideal way to help marketing campaigns and advertise events and services, and because we legally operate drones, film from the ground, and edit footage, we have complete control over the creativity, which allows us to work closely with you to ensure our product meets your expectations and requirements


Being based on the Sussex Coast in Worthing, we are in close proximity to London and the surrounding counties, with easy transport links to the rest of the UK. Although we operate nationwide we have extensive knowledge of the south east in particular in and around Sussex.  

In the not so distant past the addition of stunning breath taking shots from the air was reserved for larger clients that could afford full aerial filming setups using traditional aircraft. Today Airview can bring that aerial perspective within reach of our clients by using drones. The technology we employ allows us to capture truly breath taking shots in anything from 720p to UHD 4k to bring your ideas to life


Why choose Airview?......  "A picture paints a thousand words", couldn't be closer to the truth. Every frame, every image, every video, tells a story. To have the privilege of telling your story through film or images, makes us want to create and capture the images to bring your vision to life. 

From the moment we first meet our clients to the moment we deliver the final film, we are constantly thinking about your story, your vision, The passion you have and how we can translate that into images. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than the reaction from our clients when they see the results

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Airview | Sussex - England | e-mail info@airviewuk.co.uk | Tel 07789394150

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