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With Multiple aircraft, including the Mavic Pro 3 and the Inspire 1, Avata & Mini 3 pro  as well as ground cameras and gimbals, we have the ability to offer multiple services, take a look below and see what we can do for you

 Freelance Filming

With drones still a relatively specialist area of filming, we regularly freelance for production houses and videographers, looking to enhance their ground based footage, without having to deal with the CAA permissions themselves. This saves time and money four our clients and being that we are 1st Option Safety Group Pre Vetted, we have been fortunate enough to work in multiple Tv productions, which also means our clients can be assured we take safety seriously, while delivering the quality they demand.

If you are looking for a freelance drone operator why not drop us a message here


 Video Production

Alongside freelance filming, we also do full video production, using traditional ground based filming, as well as aerial drone filming. As we hold the necessary permissions to operate drones commercially, we dont have to rely on third parties​ and program them in to our shoots. 

As we deal with the whole process from start to finish, it allows us to build relationships with our clients, understand their visions, and requirements and deliver a product beyond their expectations, on time and on point.

we have plenty of examples of videos we have created here, or alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements

Aerial & Ground Photography

Photograpahy is still a big part of what Airview offers, be it from the drone or the ground we have the ability to get to some unique angles to capture that angle that our clients require.

We have worked for a number of manufacturers on case projects from case studies to magazine articles


Survey & Inspections

With the ease of deployment drones make an ideal tool to quickly inspect and survey properties or subjects. We have the ability to transmit a live HD feed to a dedicated monitor to enable our clients to see exactly what they need. Drones are a great tool to allow industries to keep operatives safe while undertaking an inspection while also being able to get to otherwise impossible locations, which makes them an invaluable tool. We have the ability to capture footage in anything from 720p - 4k UHD and also have the ability to swap easily between film and stills, our larger rig also allows us to zoom in while in the air.

Night Permissions

Like most permission holders, we have the correct permissions to operate at night. This is something that is invaluable in the winter months as there is less daylight hours. Night filming and photography though hold their own unique challenges. From understanding the area your flying in to the additional issues with obtaining high quality video and photos. This is part of the reason we can continue to operate all year round (weather depending!)

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