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Airview was orginally born form a passion to show the world from a different perspective, by using drones. Just as demand has changed so have our services. Today while we still carry the necessary permissions, and insurances to carry out commercial work with drones, the focus is more on filming with traditional methods form the ground, with aerial footage to compliment this. As we can do both we can offer our clients the versatility they demand.

Aerial & Ground Photography

Photograpahy is still a big part of what Airview offers, be it from the drone or the ground we have the ability to get to some unique angles to capture that angle that our clients require.

We have worked for a number of manufacturers on case projects from case studies to magazine articles

Survey & Inspections

With the ease of deployment drones make an ideal tool to quickly inspect and survey properties or subjects. We have the ability to transmit a live HD feed to a dedicated monitor to enable our clients to see exactly what they need. Drones are a great tool to allow industries to keep operatives safe while undertaking an inspection while also being able to get to otherwise impossible locations, which makes them an invaluable tool. We have the ability to capture footage in anything from 720p - 4k UHD and also have the ability to swap easily between film and stills, our larger rig also allows us to zoom in while in the air.

Night Permissions

As of 2017 we can now carry out night time operations and offer services virtually 24/7, previously we were limited to 30 min before sunrise and 30 min after.

This is a great additional service that we can offer those clients in industrys such as lighting or more recently events where they are held at night. This is also great news for those winter months where we would previosuly have been limited by shorter days

Construction & Mapping

One of the up coming sectors we are now working in is the construction industry. The use of drones in this industry is a great way to allow developers and their clients the opportunity to see the progress of the site. This allows the developer to clearly demonstrate quickly and easily their progress, while allowing their client the opportunity to keep thier clientelle updated of the progress of the site, this is particularly useful on larger sites or more prestegious sites.

A new area we are currently looking into is 3D mapping and photgrametry as this is an upcoming technology for construction industry, once we are happy with technology  we will be offering this as a service so watch this space......

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