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Jody Easkiovitch founder and pilot at AirView Sussex aerial filming

Airview was established in 2016 by Jody Easkiovitch following over a decade of radio controlled flying experience. Jody originally came in to the radio controlled flying world through a passion for aviation, in particular rc helicopters. This proved an expensive learning curve but one that would later set him up with the necessary skills to take forward the flying interest and combine it with filming.

Jody's first attempts at capturing aerial footage back in 2009 were not a great success, this was mostly due to a fixed camera being mounted under an rc helicopter. The result was extremely jerky movement with little or no control of the camera and no live feed. the system at best was simply press record and hope for the best!

With the introduction of drones into the radio controlled world, it reignited the passion for capturing footage and creating films. The first aircraft he owned was a home built X525 aircraft with an open source controller, and if you thought flying helicopters was hard this was a whole new world! with no stabilization, accelerometers or gyros it really wasn't a system that he had any trust in, let alone using a camera along with it. Shortly after building this DJI released the naza lite fight controller, this was a massive turning point. Determined to make the home built drone work, a naza lite flight controller was purchased and fitted, and before long the drone was adapted and confidence grew in the drone.

Fast forward 12 months and the desire to build bigger, better and more capable machine started the journey into the commercial world  of drones. The Tarot 680 Ironman was purchased along with a DJI motor set. During the winter of 2015 the machine was built and tested, a gimbal to take a sony nex mirrorless camera was installed and the results were game changing, so much so that he decided that now was the time to push the boundary further and book a course to complete the necessary training to obtain what was then a PfAW or Permissions for Aerial Work from the CAA.

Back in 2016 Jody managed to complete the course and flight test required to gain entry to the commercial world, the only obstacle from here was the operations manual, this was a daunting thought but another challenge the he thrived on. In 2016 it was a 28 working days turn around to have the operations manual approved and PfAW issued on the 17th May 2016.

This was just the beginning of a new chapter, the time to set this website up social media channels, approach potential clients etc took most of the remaining time in 2016. Today the equipment is vastly different, with the introduction of the DJI Inspire 1 and Mavis to the equipment list, its allowed the creativity to flow which resulted in high standard of film making

During the first 3 years of being a commercial operator, Jody has been involved with a huge variety of projects, from film and tv, to sports events, civil engineering projects, case studies and more. He has also flown in a variety of locations across the Uk including Central London. While his background is in engineering, his passion for film has also developed of which the results can be seen in the sample of his portfolio




Airview continues to operate throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. While there are challenges, the use of drones means we are outside, and can be remote from all other members of the crew. We have brought in some remote working practices such as wireless audio, and wireless hd video feed from our cameras, to enable clients to view remotely the video feed. There are still scenarios that prove challenging, and for this reason we have expanded our risk assessment to include the risks of Covid-19, and measures we need to take to ensure our clients and staff stay safe. 

If you are still in doubt or have questions please use the contact form or e-mail us directly and we will respond accordingly.






The primary Aircraft used by us is a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter with an X3 or X5 camera, both cameras have are very capable of producing high quality images and video.

The Inspire is an amazing piece of kit and produces ultra stable footage, the camera is completely controllable while in the air and we have the capability to switch between stills and filming as well as alter the settings


This aircraft has the ability to be operated by 2 people and as the camera controls do not affect the flying side we can offer clients the option of controlling the camera for them self. As the camera is able to rotate 360 degrees it allows for some stunning shots in anything upto and including 4k at various frame rates.


While the Inspire 1 is a very versatile machine, on occasions we have found its size can be the inhibiting factor, to solve this issue we also invested in the much smaller Mavic Pro to enable us to capture shots in some tight spaces while still maintaining a high quality of images and stills.

The mavic is capable of capturing in anything form 720p HD through to UHD 4k which makes a great addition alongside the inspire 1


A major part of what we do is film from the ground, while the camera we use on the drone is able to be used in a more traditional method, we also employ the use of a Panasonic GH4 to capture high quality footage. By using the GH4 it gives us more flexibility when it comes to selecting the right tool.

While the main camera doesn't offer stabilisation, we employ the use of a DSLR stabilisation system when required.

We also use a number of lighting solutions to allow us to get just the right shot no matter how dark it is.



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