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Airview - Sussex Aerial filming and photogrpahy


With the COVID 19 pandemic creating a very real risk to health, Airview has undertaken a risk assessment of its activities to insure that we can operate safely and in accordance with the current guidelines. A big part of the guidelines are based around social distancing, which for the most part, due to the type of operation we perform, is relatively straight forward. However there are circumstances where the process needs to have a little more thought. Unfortunately if our staff feel the operation or conditions to work in are unsafe then we may have to postpone filming until we can find a suitable solution or alternative method

In order to continue to safeguard our employees and clients we have implemented several safety measures and continue to review them to ensure the latest advice is followed.

Key measures;-

  • Minimising time on site with third parties

  • Face coverings are used where necessary

  • Only essential staff to be on site, and if possible staff to work remotely

  • That additional measures for distancing and face coverings are in place for vulnerable or previously shielded staff or flight crew.

  • remote monitoring of live feeds where possible

  • equipment is assigned to individuals and cleaned appropriately at the end of the day/assignment

  • A record of who (or a client contact)  was on site for the particular assignment, should it be needed for track and trace.

  • where hand cleaning facilities are not available, hand sanitizers are used

As a vast majority of our work is outside, and not in confined areas we can for the most part socially distance, however we still continue to make available remote monitoring of live feeds where possible to assist with this process, and must put safety first. We also actively engage with our clients to ensure that we comply with thier company polices and provide our staff with necessary PPE to keep them safe

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