A Busy Summer

Its been a massively busy summer, so much so I've not been able to stay on top of updating this feed. where to start?

We have started on major project which I cant say too much about at the moment, but its taken the best part of a year to get to this point! so as you can imagine is a huge leap forward and a real boost!

Probably the most exciting bit of news is that we have been on set for a new E4 program called All Star Driving School, where celebrities, including The Vamps band member Conor Ball, Vicky Patterson and tattoo fixers Paisley ans sketch, learn to drive in a week! As if that not difficult enough they have to face various challenges though out their time on the program, one such task was to navigate Hemel Hempsteds magic roundabout, which we took a quick shot of between shoots! (see the accompanying photo). believe me when I say this is not a location for a learner driver!

This should be going to air some when in September so keep any eye on our social media pages for updates!

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