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Commercial UAV Show

Its been a seriously busy time with some deadlines that needed to be kept, so i've not had much time to stay on top of keeping this feed updated, more about that though as and when I can say a it more!

Being November its of course that time of year when we see what some may say is the main event in the drone industry, of course im referring to the Commercial UAV Show at London Excel. Having attended this event last year I was hoping that the event would have a lot more tech both hardware and software that was suitable for the smaller companies, unfortunately though this was not the case. That said though there were a few little gems that were well worth seeing which i'll elaborate on shortly.

The big thing that really stands out again this year is the lack of presence from the likes of DJI, now I can only surmise the reason they were not there, either this is not a market they feel they want to be in, there simply isn't enough return from them attending or they have no interest in the UK market, for me though its hard to understand why the biggest name in the industry simply didn't attend!

This year again saw Yuneec attend with their latest flagship offering the H520, which I have to say was noticeably quieter than is old counterpart the Typhoon H! with live demos in their own demo area it was great to see this in action, however it wasn't problem free as they seemed to experience video break up at one point, which never bodes well! I wont go into detail about the pro's and cons of each machine as it will take for ever.

One of what i felt was the big contenders was the power eye system, which could if marketed correctly become a threat to the likes of the inspires, it uses the Micro Four Thirds camera but has a flight time of nearly 30min! which is a massive difference to DJI's equivalent, with the cost at around £3k its definately comarible, take a look at the youtube clip of this machine!

Was great to catch up with a few faces as well from Consortiq and ARPAS as well as meet some new faces from companies that have some interesting concepts including one that is a reporting tool for dangerous flying or miss use. Unfortunately I don't believe this is a concept that is going to get much backing in the UK especially as there is a complete lack of enforcement.

Before i bore you i'll wrap this up and say i'm genuinely in two minds as to the weather there is any benefit in attending net years event, but will wait and see whats on the program before deciding!

Feel free to share this or leave a comment about your experience if you did manage to go along

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