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Snow Footage Channel 4

As some of you that follow my exploits on social media may well be aware, I manage to get out in the recent snow with the Mavic and capture some footage of the South Downs covered in snow. Given the location is so close to Shoreham airport it created a rare opportunity to be able to fly without the major concerns of aircraft coming into the airport. Dont get me wrong the risk is still there and usual safety precautions were taken, but as the airport was closed the risks were greatly reduced.

With the roads snow covered and the nearest car park at the top of the hill it was an interesting journey to say the least! however i think it was well worth it. Take a look at the full video below and leave comments on what you think

One thing I would say to anyone else who considers filming in these conditions is be aware of the approaching weather, as myself and a few others else where got caught out with how quick the weather turned!

Fortunately for me ITN who produce Channel 4 Dispatches program picked up on the film and featured alot of the footage on their "The Week Britain Froze" episode, which was a great feeling to see more of my footage on mainstream TV.

Hopefully the rest of 2018 will be equally as successful! as ever though stay safe and happy flying

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