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As most of you in the local area know the BBC prime time series DIY SOS has been filming in Arundel (or Yapton to be more precise).

Myself and Jamie Hollis were lucky enough to be involved with the film of the show to capture the aerial footage. This particular episode was for a family that were really making the best of the situation they were in, it was far from ideal though.

Amanda who is a mum of 4 children was training for an iron-man event and was cycling down Bury Hill when her brakes failed, resulting in her hitting a sign post at high speed and landing in the undergrowth. It was some 60 min before she was found by another cyclist and the alarm was raised, unfortunately for her though her injuries left her paralysed, but rather than let it get her down she stayed positive and even smiled when she took a selfie from the hospital saying she would never walk again but don't worry about me i'll be OK!

The transformation has allowed her to become a mum and a real family again, being part of that expierence is an amazing feeling, unfortunately I can't show any footage of the episode until its aired, but rest assured once its been aired i'll keep you updated!

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