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Sponsor Football Team

With the football season fast approaching, I can now share the news that we are sponsoring the Lancing Rangers Under 7s football team. I've been fortunate enough to be able to see this years kit with the AirView logo on it. and can proudly show you guys the kit as worn here by George Hollis and I have to say it looks great. Hopefully later in the season we will be able to take some photos of the team and individuals in action for them to keep. So keep an eye out for me

I think its also worth mentioning how commit ed the guys are that run and coach the team, as i know it takes up a lot of time for them at the weekend, and while they train hard I know the emphasis and ethos of the club centres around making this a fun activity for this age group which helps encourage the players to develop and enjoy what they are doing. There is so much more to the sport than just winning and I think that the results speak for themselves.

Good luck this season guys and look forward to seeing you enjoy the game............

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