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New aircraft in the fold

As with every thing we cant afford to sit back and let opportunities pass us by or technology to evolve without keeping up. So as some of you are aware I have taken the opportunity to update the main aircraft from the Tarot 680 hex to an Inspire 1. This was a difficult decision to make, however since the introduction of the typhoon H to the fleet, it became very apparent that the lack of settings control of the camera on the tarot while in the air was holding me back some what. After considering it for a a few weeks (felt longer though) I decided to move it on and purchase an inspire 1. As this is the first DJI drone I've used its taken a while to get used to the camera and go app (the tablet software it uses, if had its first commercial outing a few weeks back, and am happy to say its an impressive bit of kit and look forward to using it more!

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